Drag Chain Bracket 30527-05

I am in the process of assembling my x-carve 1000mm and in [“Attach Drag Chain Bracket”] step I am missing the drag chain bracket (part # 30527-05) and I cannot find the CAD file for this bracket anywhere. Where do I get this part?

get in touch with customer support if you’re 100% certain. They are known to be very helpful.

You’re not the only one…

Possible packaging issue in the latest kits?

Thank you for your help. Sent customer support email. I’ll update thread when I get response.

Looks like I am in the same boat as you - missing the Drag Chain Bracket as well -
How long did it take for you to get them to send you the bracket?

The drag chain brackets where there, they where wrapped up with the tie wraps. Doh! open everything, it should be in there.

Mine were already attached to the drag chain.