Drag Chain Bracket

Hey guys, I will be ordering a new excarve and updating the length of the drag chain to fit my machine. I really do not need the entire $200 upgrade kit jut to get the bracket that holds the end of the chain in place (mounted to the markerslide). Is this available for purchase seperatly? Thank You

@BrianShinta As soon as the X-Carve Pre-orders ship we will turn it on. We want to dedicate the X-Carve fulfillment team and parts to that effort. Sign up for the newsletter. We will announce it via the newsletter and in the forum.

Was this the answer to my question? A little confused

Yea they said in another post that they will eventually be selling all the components separately but it doesn’t make logistical sense till all the initial orders are fulfilled

My cat has made off with one of my drag chain brackets as well as one of the makerslide T-slot nuts. Is it possible to buy a few spares yet? or are these items I can source elsewhere?

Nevermind. I found the parts on the web store !

Sounds like your cat is trying to build it’s own X-carve. Probably wants you to hook up a laser pointer to it as well. :wink: