Drag chain kit

I have order the

X-Carve Upgrade: 9 mm Belt and Motor Kit

X-Carve Upgrade Kit

X-Carve NEMA 23 Cable

To upgrade my Xcarve .
But i did not started with the upgrade yhet .

But i have the old drag chain attatched right now ,
When i am going to do the upgrade , is it a good thing to
Also get inventables new drag chain kit ?

But then i must order both the
Gantry plates and the X carriage ,right?

Do i need snytning moore for this uppgrade?

And i also wonder if its worth it , What do you think ?

How old is your x-carve? This is only needed for pre 2016 machines

I dont know , its a upgrade from shapeoko i think.

So i dont have the right hole patterns in mine gantry plates and Xcarriage ,
Thats why i wondered ,when i should bee doing a big upgrade and remove the
Cables and replace them with new motorcable ,
If it was a good idé to add the new drag chain kit as well ?