Drag Chain Male End Link

I think I’m missing this part.
should I take off from chain? it should be separate right?

That part isn’t super clear in the instructions, but yes you have to remove it from the drag chain. Just be careful not to break it when prying it out!

thx a lot, I was thinking same too but wasn’t sure

Ya, when I was putting mine together I put the wrong end on there, but you live you learn!

I believe the instructions are not right about how the link gets attached to the Y plates. If you use the L bracket like they say then the drag chain ends up in the wrong configuration. I think there was a posting on this issue in another Blog post.

I used an allen wrench to press the nub of the male chain end link. This popped it out of its hole and with a little wiggling, freed it without too much force.

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You really need to update the instructions on this. It’s not at all clear how the thing gets removed.

And this part is strange:

“Remove the male end link from the other length of drag chain,”

Err, the “other length?” What does the “other” refer to?

Ya, I agree. I’ve been thinking of giving the instructions a run through since they made them public, but time is very difficult to come by these days!

When this was discussed on an earlier thread someone recommended using one of the small screwdrivers in the XC toolkit to prise off one of the lugs and the link pops off.
That suggestion really does work.