Drag Chain Placement

My 1000 mm X-Carve will arrive in a week or two. The location where it will be placed has all the wiring coming from the right hand side, instead of the left hand side which is more traditional.

Will I be able to route and setup my wiring via the drag chain on the right side of the X-Carve, or is it made in such a way that it must be mounted on the left side?

I’m in the process of flipping mine from left to right, not an issue, you just need to route the left side Y motor thru the X tube and flip the rear drag chain the other direction. Takes a bit of adjustment but not a big deal really…

THANKS Darry! Appreciate the information :+1:

The X carve us a DIY kit. You can run the wires from any feasible direction with the proper modifications.

My machine has the wires ran from the right side. However I highly modified my machine as well but this should not be a problem with a standard machine either.

Just put some thought into it, it really won’t be that difficult to make the change.
Just keep in mind that most of the machine is made out of aluminum, if the stock pieces do not mate with factory holes, just drill new holes in a location that won’t interfere with the rest of the machine. Problem solved. lol.

Thanks Michael! I look forward to working on the machine.