Drag chain sag

Weird issue I’ve been meaning to address. When I built my machine a few months back I noticed my drag chain was catching on the work. I looked at pictures and it’s supposed to be stiff, mine just sags. I’ve tried flipping it around but it won’t bend the other way. Anyone know what’s gone wrong?

You need to switch the end caps (the segment that gets screwed to the machine). I had the same problem, took 15 minutes and switched the caps, and it’s a night-and-day difference.

could you be a bit more clear? what end caps? :slight_smile:

oh the female connectors


thanks dood. totally get it now :slight_smile:

Yeah, I still have the same problem. At some point I should really fix it. You didn’t do anything wrong at assembly, the directions specify which piece is which by which is attached to the drag chain and which is loose. And in quite a few cases, it would appear, they’ve reversed them in the setup.

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