Drag Chain Support Arm and Drag Chain Bracket

HI there. i cand fins some files of thats parts and where i can find it ? i mean : 30681-01 Drag Chain Support Arm and 30527-05 Drag Chain Bracket.

click on x-carve from the main page, then click on assembly instructions link in header to the left of the blue order now button, then click on 1000mm link with picture of x-carve, scroll down to were it says, The X-Carve is open source hardware. We have 3D models and drawings available in a GrabCAD repository here. click the link in the here. this will take you to where the files are located. you can click on xcarve2.stp under assembly to find what each part is such as your 30527-05 Drag Chain Bracket is PDF file 14075.pdf and your 30681-01 Drag Chain Support Arm is file 432-00002.pdf these are located in the drawings folder.

you can also just download the .stp 3D model from the link as well.

Thank You :slight_smile: