Drag Knife/Plotter/Diamond Drag

This is version 3 of the X-Carve drag knife/plotter/diamond drag.
Smaller overall size
Diamond drag is now an available addon
Installs in about 30 seconds.
More information available here
Free domestic shipping!
Installation video and 2 project videos using permanent and masking vinyl



Does it not require a special tool path generator?
How much are replacement blades?

I used easel for both the plotter and vinyl. I have not tried the diamond drag in easel yet. No reason it wouldn’t work that I can think of. The silhouette blades are about $10 sometimes less if the craft store lets you use a coupon. The diamond can be resharpened, haven’t asked price on that. Replacement is $30

Did you use Corian for the mount and knobs?

Yes, 1/2".

What is the diamond drag used for?

It is used for engraving acrylic or metal.