Dragon shield for Ren Fair (with gcode)

Very cool. Are you planning to be at the Bristol Ren Faire ? We’ve never been, plan to go every year, I think this year we’re finally going…

BTW, should the pic be the SVG? I try to download and it’s a PNG, even in Chrome?

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Ah, missed that in the browser window… thanks!

Any suggestions? We really want to go this year, now that kids are older. What day(s) are best?

Anything to avoid? Parking suggestions etc… ?


Oh man!! That is gorgeous, Phil. Looking forward to seeing it with the finish.

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Pretty cool, Phil! I know some nerds that would enjoy that kinds of stuff around here. Time for me to get back to carving!

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I made a small dragon shield wall hanging not as elaborate as yours. I used the old fashion cut nails in the corners.