Drawer Handles!

Simple profile cut with .125" bit. Then, sand and polish. Getting the holes lined up in the back requires you to MIRROR your design. Measure your holes in your cabinets and then pocket out the holes at the size for your tap. This was .25" aluminum so my pocket was .22" deep. Then, grind the tip off of your tap and very gently, tap these holes. The screw will do the rest (because this is aluminum) - these were #8-32. Then profile them and polish them. I used 400 grit, then 2000 grit, then buffing wheel. It really helps to wrap sandpaper around a dowel or drill bit, chuck it in a drill or drill press and then sand the edges and even the flats. Better results than a palm sander. You can get buffing wheels and put them on threaded rod, use to nuts and washers to make a buffing wheel for your drill or drill press. My handles are the G on the right - it is our logo.