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I’m making plans for when my Pro arrives next month. I am wondering if there is a way to turn off the spindle on the Pro?

I want to and draw a pattern using the Easel and perhaps put a pen or pencil directly in the collet or zip tie one to the spindle. Specifically, I want to draw a pattern directly on vinyl that would then be cut out by hand.

Thanks in advance!

Go out to Ebay and search for “cnc drag knife”. There are solutions that will chuck into your spindle and use commodity blades like exacto blades. You can also search youtube and there are a number of people who show what they have done. You may also want to search Thingiverse because if you have a 3d printer or know someone who does, there are a number of adapters that can be cheaply printed.

Unplug your router or spindle when you use these.

There are many people who use their CNCs as vinyl cutters etc. I have a vinyl cutter, a Cricut and a diode laser so I really don’t make my CNC do double duty. There are diamond engraver bits that can engrave metal, glass and acrylic, but these won’t cut fabric. For fabric, I would probably use my laser.

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Thanks, I will look at those sources!

I should also ask can you turn the spindle off on the Pro?

Also, after thinking about logistics, I am looking to draw the pattern on the fabric then hand cut. I think this will help solve some problems such as securing the fabric to something so it doesn’t move after the cut starts.

I made a very simple spring loaded pen holder, that is also easy to attach . I’ll post photos and details tomorrow.

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Yes, are you using Easel?

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Yes, I am. Thanks for confirming that!