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Hey all,

New to the Easel program but have CAD background. When drawing basic shapes and trying to combine them with a letter it deletes everything and just keeps the outline shape. I am trying to create an Easter bunny cutout outline, with a letter in the middle of its belly. when I check the 3d side the letter dose not attach to the cut our of the bunny. What am I missing?

Also has anyone else had issues with trying to draw stuff in easel and realize its not that easy to combine objects to create and image?

Thanks for the help.


I’m trying to understand what you’re going for…

A 2D Easter bunny cutout, yes…? So, just a silhouette of the bunny cut out with a profile cut all the way around?

And then you want a letter on its belly. Do you want it embossed, engraved, cut through? What are you trying to achieve?

If you go to your project and click on File > Share > Shared With Link, then Save, you can paste the link here and we can see what you’ve got so far and guide you further.

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Thank you for that. Below is the link.

you need to fill the inside of the bunny and set the depth all the way.
Fill the A and set the depth to Zero.
Then select the A and while holding the Shift key select the inside of the bunny and hit Crtl J to combine them.
Then set the inside of the bunny to outline cut.
Hope you understand that

So, like this?

I did a medium-depth fill cut of the outer bunny shape, and a zero-depth fill cut of the inner bunny shape, then combined them to make the outline shape of the bunny. Then I put the letter in the belly portion as a medium-depth fill cut, and combined it with the outline shape. Then I changed the whole thing to outline cut.

Russell / Kimberly,

Thank you for taking the time to explain this both directions worked out great.

thanks again.

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