Drawing the grid on DIY waste board

Has anyone messed around with using the x-carve to draw the grid on the board using the available silkscreen file? I am thinking of building a jig to hold a sharpie (this one) and using the machine to draw it’s own grid. If the waste board does not move it should make a grid that is perfectly square to the machine right?

Please let me know if this is just a nutty idea that would be better off being done by hand =)

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I think it is great idea.
I already had my x-carve drill the clamp holes in my board and was planning on having it engrave a grid at some point :smile:

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Great idea :smiley: i actualy had a similar idea,using the spindle to make the pattern and then fill the pattern with collored epoxy

I like that sharpie holder! I was going to use my engraving bit to carve the grid into my wasteboard, haven’t gotten there yet, I did carve a Y0 and X0 datum though.

I agree with @rusty… A v-bit or engraving bit and then fill in with sharpie is how I would probably do it…

Should be nice and square with your machine though, plus it will be spaced to the stretch of your particular belts.

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Thanks for the input, I like the idea of carve a grid then run a sharpie through it.

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What program do you use to read the silkscreen file?

I used Illustrator, but you could probably use InkScape

when I did mine I used to be bit and a grease pencil to fill the lines and wiped off the extra with a damp cloth. the lines are now embedded in black about 1 mm.
hope this was helpful.

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