Drexel cutting bits

With the recent breaking of my 1/8 " uncut and having to order more. Has anyone tried the Dremel straight cutting bit on the xcarve. These are carried by the box stores, lowes…home depot… etc. Readily and quickly available.

Wasn’t happy with almost $12 shipping cost through FedEx no matter how many bits. Priority flat rate small is only about $6 and can show up in less time.

You couldn’t pay me to use (trust) Inventables bits and the only bits I’ve bought at Lowes are Bosch straight cut 1/4" bits. I’ve been buying Amana Tool bits for years from Toolstoday. It’s personal preference, but personally I wouldn’t use anything else unless I was in a huge pinch for time.

Side note: For me, the Inventables bits served a purpose. Came with the machine at a reasonable price. Color coded to help with the original learning curve and an available chart for application. As I made mistakes early on, it was no huge loss when I broke bits. As I destroyed those, I replaced each one with a comparable Amana bit. In most cases, their Spectra coated ones.

I buy the 10pack of the inventable two flute straight cut bit, for the price including the shipping they have served me well. For my V bits I use the Amana from tools today.