Drift / uneven cuts? [SOLVED]

In the middle of a job last night, my X-carve decided to act up.

It has been running smoothly for weeks and have been running around 12-14 hours a week.

Suddenly it stats to loose position and make “steps” when cutting.

The belts have been tighten and all makerslides / v-wheels has been cleaned, but it still acts up.

Any advice?

You may need to up your pots to the x and y axis mine was drifting and spindle was the cause

I just dont understand how it can start cutting uneven out of the blue after so many successfully cuts?

Like any machine, it’s not new forever.

Check the set screws in your pulleys to make sure they haven’t loosened up. Check your eccentric nuts for tightness.

Many have experienced this type of problem when the spindle (if you have the 24 volt 300 watt) is getting ready to die. Increased electrical noise from the spindle can cause missed steps on the stepper motors.

Actually, my stock spindle has started to Sound a bit wierd.

I have a Makita router ready to be mounted, just waiting for the dust extraction.

I have tried increasing the potentionmeter and double check everything.

Its the X-axis that “slides” and gradually makes the cut uneven.

My spindle starts to sound more and more wierd.

its probably the stock spindle get a new one of get rid of it. once it starts going our it sends RFI to the steppers due to the higher amp draw to make it spin. RFI stands for radio frequency interference. i found a company that sells shielded stepper motors that i intend in buying when i get to upgrading that part to insure that it cant happen to my machine. they are also water and dust resistant built and mend for the food industry.

As for now the problem is solved.

I mounted the makita router today - jobs are now running 8 faster than with stock spindle.

40 minute job is now taking only 5 mins, and the cuts are sharp and crisp!