Drill hole - some are recognized as holes while others aren't

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Kinda new to this.
I am trying to create holes for a cribbage board. I am using Illustrator and using the Object → Blend to create holes along a curved line. After I have created my holes, I expanded the object. However, when I bring it to Easel and use the Drill hole app, the app doesn’t recognize the holes, or that it will recognize just a small selection of them. Is there something I am doing wrong?


can you share the easel project?

More than likely the circles are smaller than the selected bit and the computation will not be able to fit the bit inside and thus the circles will not get carved…

Usually for cribbage boards the Circle to Drill Holes tool is used to change circles with a defined size into a straight plunge using whatever bit size is selected. This tool can be found by clicking the lego button in easel on the left side and searching “convert”.

yeah, perfect link works. It looks like you discovered the issue based on the top right corner… some of those shapes are actually small squares with radiused corners that look like circles, and that’s probably what’s messing up easel…

You can create an outline app in Easel and then use the “Holes on a Path” application to create the holes along the shape you have created. The app is supposed to provide the option to change the holes to drill holes, but it was not working for me. Even though that might not be working, you could still create the pocket holes, import them into the project, and then convert them to drill holes normally.



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Thanks @SethCNC I’ll go back on Illustrator and check it out.

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hello, big thanks to this community good job from inventables, i will always recommend.
I am facing the same problem, and from what you guys are saying, when i imported the design and then tried to adjust the threshold and smoothing in image trace, the holes are not accurate at all. How can i make sure that the design (its several holes) is being read by easel. The stimulated design is different and when i tried the carving only few holes were drilled, but accurate, the other are just not perfect points.
CHK the attached screenshot down below, id be very grateful for any help, thank you in advance

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fixed it, i maximized the threshold, and the stimulation encompassed all the holes

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