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Drill PCB holes with Carvey

Hello, Does somebody have recomendations about the carvey cut settings in order to drill holes in a PCB? Everytime I try to drilling with feed rate 2in/min plunge 1.8 in/min and depth 0.03 using a 0.6mm drill bit it breaks, It seems that first time carvey drill straight down then make some circular movements and that break the bit.

Easel doesn’t generate drilling toolpaths. How are you creating the gcode?

You are correct that Easel does not support drilling. However we all create round pockets holes that are as deep as the material is thick. But the bit has to be smaller than the diameter of the pocket.
That is why he is seeing the circular motion.
I suggest reducing the IPM to avoid breaking bits.

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Actually drilling toolpaths is generated with flatcam and then we convert them to round pockets.

It seems that bits have been broken due to circular motion, if ipm is reduced I think the bits will continue breaking

With 0.6mm bit what is the hole size you are trying to drill?
If it is larger than the bit you cannot avoid the circular motion.
If flat cam can create drilling tool paths the bit used should be the size of hole desired.

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How are you converting the m to pockets? Why not just generate the drilling toolpaths with flatcam and import the gcode? A drill bit is meant to drill. PCB drills are especially thin and fragile. They’ll work if they just drill, without the lateral movement.

Late to the conversation; however I’ve had success with drilling holes via FlatCAM (imported Exellon file) and the precision collet. Prior to using the collet, I would break these thin bits. I do not believe that you can do any milling with these bits, so if the toolpath has any lateral movement in it, the bit will break.