Drilling bit?

Hi all - working on a design for a vacuum forming table - where I want to drill a very large number of 1/16th inch holes. Am planning on using vcarve and just creating a bunch of 1/16 inch circles, selecting them all, and choosing the pocket path at the right depth. Three questions - first is there a better way to do that than a pocket cut? Next, can I use a regular drill bit for this? as opposed to an end mill? If for some reason that is not a good idea - can anyone find a 1/16th inch end mill that is around 1 inch of cutting and an 1/8th inch shank? 1/4 inch shank would work too - but I can’t seem to find one…

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I won’t speak to the use of the regular drill bit. But I will say that I just bought some 2mm long-reach bits from drillman1 on ebay. Here’s a link… http://www.ebay.com/itm/151758001850?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT It’s a 3mm shank, 2mm diameter (not quite as small as the 1/16" that you’re looking for, but smaller than 3/32", so it’s pretty close, and a 1.37" flute length. I haven’t used it yet, but everything I’ve gotten from drillman1 has performed very well.

Yes, because you are using VCarve there is. VCarve supports drilling operations.

Yes if the software supports drilling operation. It will do “Peck Drilling” is where the cnc moves the drill bit straight down in a series of short “pecks”. Pulling the drill bit back up to clear chips, then back down, repeating until the hole is finished.
This is a great way to do a lot of holes. You just load a drill bit of the appropriate size.

Hmm that is a tricky one, it would be easier to use a drill bit. But getting it to fit would be a problem. (to go from the 1/4" of the spindle to the 1/16 of the drill bit.) You might want look at getting some kind of collet adaptor and / or Dremel chuck adaptor to make it work. The runout on it would be terrible but it would not matter as you are doing drilling operations with it.

Drill bits are designed for lower speeds than spindles and routers afford.

The Precise Bits folks have 0.0625" endmills, but I’m not aware of any w/ the sort of cutting length which you want:


I am in the same position. I have a drawing that has 2mm holes that will need to be drilled in aluminum. How about a bit like this, it can be AlTiN coated for self lubrication and improved durability: Carbide End Mill, 1/16", 2 flute

It might be beneficial to just peck shallow holes as starter points and then go back and drill the holes out manually with the appropriate bit.