Drilling Functions, Basic CNC usage & Better Projects

I didn’t want to just jump on and post a plead before doing some research.
Let me explain from the start…

I began my evening attempting to take my cribbage board design available to any X-Carve owner who wanted to run one.

Seemed simple enough, I’d export the design into SVG and import into easel, then take hours selecting and setting.
With that set, I would duplicate the ‘Workpieces’ into 3 parts. Those parts each being a drill bit
Remove the 2 parts not needed in each part, then instruct to run/edit in the project page.

+++ THE ISSUE +++
The reality of it crashed when, after all that, I couldn’t make my 1/8" circles (or dots if it had to be) drill.
After researching Google and this forum, I realized a LOT of people want this feature since 2015 and it’s STILL not available.

The closest answer is to use a smaller bit so it “clears” out a drilled hole. That is NOT a solution with 121x4 ++ holes
I didn’t want to stop there, because, well there HAD to be a solution!

I would love some feedback from anyone at Inventables or who has answers
@InventablesDevelopme @Brian_Addison … I hope this isn’t something you’ve said 100 times and I missed, but I am slow sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking around for a way to program my own APP in Easel was a thought, but I’m yet to find any method to get into it.

For now, I’ll keep using Vectric and importing GCODE, but if you guys are willing to put in the time to give a Drilling Feature, I will take the time to enter nice designs, and I bet others would too!

Few other features that would encourage x-carve owners who design with professional software to share designs more would be

  • Better Selection Tools (Make it easier to manage stuff)
  • Turn off Auto Save, especially in large number of items
  • Better grouping features for easier reslect of similar items (combine isn’t viable when a single image takes many parts)
  • Did I mention drilling with pecking?

Also… I LOVE the workpeices idea, can we have sub workpieces so we can group customizations and setting tests, etc

Thanks for all you do, I know you’re busy and realize these may not be as simple as ‘we all think’, just wanted to see the answer to my thoughts!

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I agree with everything that you said

I have 1 question though if you bought or have a vectric why are you still importing into easel?

why not just use universal gcode sender or chilipepper? as a control software you have alot more options with those than easel?

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I learned from when I got it and it’s been working.
I’ve seen the other software, and in fact looking at CNCJS with a Raspberry PI.
I’ve had the thing for a couple years and am just finding time now to really play with it and learn how it works.
… even now is finding time, but at least there’s time!
I’m glad you brought those up, I had gcode sender installed… it was written in java if I remember right and is probably why I dropped it. I’ve heard chillipepper before, but don’t think I ran it.

I’ll take a look back anyway, but regardless, I want to share projects is my point.

@JasonMcginn did you try changing the hole size to .128". I think that will solve the problem until we add drilling operations.

Been waiting since 2015 and I don’t want 0.128" holes, I want 0.125" holes.
The following was part of my original post:
The closest answer is to use a smaller bit so it “clears” out a drilled hole. That is NOT a solution with 121x4 ++ holes
I didn’t want to stop there, because, well there HAD to be a solution!

My current solution is to not make the design in Easel, as stated, I already have it working in GCODE, just wanted to share to the community.
Like I said, I appreciate the product, just thought by taking so much time to draw it all out I would get at LEAST some direction. I could put energy into and, worse case scenario, use my time to provide said solution.
Oh well, guess not.

I am working on a Raspberry Pi based controller. i made the motors move with bcnc,however i have not tried .js yet.

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