Drilling holes in Easel - can I use an end mill?

My spindle has an 1/8 collet but I need a 1/4 hole.

So - do I draw a circle which is 1/4" and use a 1/8" drill bit?

Ideally, I would use the drill tool in Easel but it would then only be the size of current bit (which as the collet is 1/8", it would only be 1/8"). Do 1/4" drill bits available with an 1/8" shank - I can’t seem to find any.

That might be a little too difficult to find. A 1/4" end mill will have the ability to create way more tool pressure than the 1/8" shank might be able to cope with which would cause the bit to break easily. That type of tool might exist, but it might be very difficult to find if it does.

I would just use a 1/8" bit and let Easel cut out the hole as a pocket. Measure the bit prior to carving, and enter the value in as a non-standard bit in Easel. Measuring the bit and entering that value into Easel is the only way to get an exactly 1/4" carved hole (within machine tolerances of course.


Brandon Parker

If you drew a 1/8" circular toolpath and used a 1/8 diameter bit to follow it, the resultant hole would be 1/4"dia.


A drill bit is designed to to plunge only, it has no side cutting capability.
So no, a drill bit wont work.

An end mill on the other hand, with center cutting, have that ability both axial/radially.