Drilling Holes with VCarve Pro

Going to drill waste board holes in some 3/4 MDF in the future. What end mill is best suited for this and has anyone used the Drilling Toolpath in VCarve and what settings. Not looking to burn up any end mills. Is it also possible to put a household drill bit in the router with any success? 1/4 inch bit is what I’ll be using if possible.


The drill hole feature works great but don’t drill it all at once. Set the depth of cut to come up at least once. I’ve had tearout otherwise.

I also had bad luck with using regular drill bits. Had to switch to upcut endmills to get clean holes.

My experience, anyway.

Thanks Drew, was actually doing research when your message popped up. Up-cut bit is the general consensus and Peck Drilling in Vcarve.


Nice to see some agreement!