Drink coaster set

Just made a sample set of wood coasters. The coasters and base are made of hedge apple. V carving software and .125 in. 30 deg vbit was used.


Nice, definitely has that Log Cabin on the lake look. love it.


Hey Shane, love your idea for the coaster! Just had a quick question for ya. New to the CNC and various techniques but just to confirm, did you just spray the entire surface of the coaster black and then sand down to color in the engraving?

Wanted to get a “burned wood” effect type engraving on wood, and figured I had to get a laser engraver for that, but this technique has a similar end result!

Not sure if this is a common method but may save me a lot of money just using my x-carve for engraving my name and a logo on stuff.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Here are my steps.

  1. sanding sealer or fast dry clear for quicker turnaround
  2. i use VHT black engine enamel from the auto parts store sets up fast just spray some into a shot glass then brush into cuts.
    3.sand with 80 grit to remove excess paint then 200 grit to smooth
  3. whatever clear finish you like.
  4. crack open a cold beverage of your choice to test on said coaster.
    If you are careful you can use a pencil torch to burn in the cuts then sand i do it on larger works haven’t tried on the smaller stuff.
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Thanks so much guys, your help is much appreciated! Will definitely try both methods and see which one works for me.

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This might be a newbie question, but what/why a sanding sealer or fast dry clear? how does that help you with the process?

If you don’t seal it, the paint is more likely to bleed into the grain of the wood, so when you sand it off the surface to reveal your design, you might find that you have streaks coming off your design where the paint bleeds through the wood grain.

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Like Matt Thompson says it stops the color from bleeding into the grain and makes cleaner lines. Also less sanding

Quick question did you put the sanding sealer on after carving or before?

You want to seal it before especially for epoxy inlay. It will make a nice sealed pocket so the epoxy or paint won’t seep or bleed into the wood. Great technique, can be used for a few different applications.

Thanks Bill I think I understand now.

Carve the coaster with my design then seal it. Use paint or what ever to make my design stand out. Sand , then urithane.

I made some coasters.
Wood is Poplar and I used 2 bits. V-bit and a 1/16" end mill


Very nice love the border detail.