Driver 4.0 Stuck (Installation) & Homing issue

I’m running Windows 10. When i try to install Driver 4.0 the Installation stuck at “Verifying Installation”?
The Notebook im running is not the newest and the Driver 3.6 installs flawlessly. I have 8GB Ram on the Machine.

Since today i suddenly have a Homing issue. When i click the Home Button in the Software, the Z Axis goes 1 step down and then my Jogging gets disconnected telling me to “unlock”. If i Press the Unlock Button i have the Jog back and i can move X,Y, Z manually but as soon as i Click Home again the same Problem Appear? Homing is enabled in the Console (Otherwise i wouldnt be able to click the Home Button…
This Issue started today and i had no Problems so far whatsoever. In the Machine Inspector i have all Green when i manually click the Stoping switches. They work fine.
I’m confused. Please help. Thank you


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