Driver Issue

I am using an older Laptop to run Easel, dedicated to a Shapoko. Recently I had to wipe windows and do a re-install. I am trying to get the local drivers installed back on the laptop. Now when I try to run the EaselLocal-0.2.3 exe file nothing happens. The laptop is running Widows Vista. Any Ideas?

You also need to install the FTDI drivers for your Arduino. I think installing the Arduino IDE will help with that.

I would recommend upgrading your OS to Windows 7 as well!

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The FTDI drivers are installed. The Easel file simply will not execute. I get a quick flash of the spinning courser Icon and that is all.

Don’t have a copy of that., Worked fine on it until I had to reinstall. Possibly and update to the Easel file made it incompatible with vista?

That worked thanks!