Driver issues with easel

Kaspersky will not allow easel driver to open on windows 10 pc

not a windows fan or user if I can avoid it. but there should be a “white list” that allows you to list a program that allows It to over ride the anti-virus protection.

Kaspersky blocks my download from easel calling it the following: TROJAN-BANKER.WIN32.BANBRA.
.I am not the smartest on some of this so appreciate any help out there

You should be able to right click the Kaspersky icon (in the system tray down by the time) and tell it to pause protection. Then download and install it while it is paused. Once it is installed remember to start it back up.

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Just make real sure that you are downloading directly from the Inventables web site. if not you could be opening yourself up to problems. after you get your download make sure to turn your protection back on.