Drivers for xp

will the drivers to run x carve run on windows xp

Mach3 and new break out board and stepper drivers. You will be much happier.


Yes they will. I am doing so but don’t connect to the internet with XP.
There are no more security updates for XP unless you are willing to pay MicroShaft $$$$.

I run stand alone with UGS and download any G-code (nc files from Easel) to a usb drive.
Forgot to mention that UGS requires Java and the last version for XP was around 7 update 75.

Our PicSender grbl gcode streamer works very good on a WinXP PC. We just released v2.2.4 today. I use it with XP Home on a daily basis with our EmBlaser laser engraver. You just need to have all the .net framework updates installed and there still available for download on the Microsoft web site.