Drives full scale in x & y axis

My son gave me an old x-carve and I spent approximately $700 on upgrades and accessories. I followed the initial checkout instructions using Easel and everything moved manually in the correct direction and what appeared to be in the correct increments.
I then tried to run the little sample Easel program that routes your name and a little logo. I deleted the logo and increased the size of my name.
When I told it to cut it the router immediately drove to the upper right corner and didn’t move any more.
Since I’m totally new to this machine and this software I’m hoping I just missed something easy.
TIA for any help

Can you share your easel project with us?

How much larger did you make your name (does it exceed the limits of your Xcarve?)? What does the simulate path show when you view it?

the board was 12" x 8" (the easel demo project)
my first name still fit on the board.
the simulate path looked exactly like I expected it to look.

Although I am new to this machine and software I have been using my MPCNC machine for 2 years and my Piranha with VCarve a little longer.

Could you still share the project? In Easel choose Share-Public-copy Url and click Save, post URL here.