Drones to meet you

Racing drone frames. Horay. This is poycarbonate I did a drop from 200 feet prior to this picture


200 feet is impressive for supporting its own weight.

The motors were all trashed as well as the battery bent on half. But the frame, besides the epoxy separating between the 2 pieces of poly, survived very nicely you can see the damage on the expanded pvc fortunately it landed flat not at an angle. Of I had used acrylic it would have snapped for sure the key was poly carbonate.

That is even more impressive. Sad to hear you lost so much equipment,

Yea it was all Chinese ebay stuff not expensive. This frame is pretty small it’s only a 250. If anyone wants the avg I can post,it

That’s very cool. I’m just getting over my drone phase, but you may have caused me to have a relapse! :sunglasses:

Have you thought about adding lightening holes strategically?