Droopy Drag-Chain

I had this issue when I first set up. Couldn’t figure out which end was which based on their photos / instructions… great photos and explanation! this is being added to the consolidation list.

Yep, this problem got me in the back when I assembled mine. In the early phases, the instructions referenced the ends by which end was attached to the chain, and which was loose… and they’d attached the wrong end in a number of cases. I still haven’t gotten around to completely un-wiring my drag chain setup, I’m really not looking forward to it, so I’ve been procrastinating like crazy. lol

This will be very helpful for new builders!

This is interesting. I’ve not bought or seen an X-Carve yet (very tempted though), so I can’t comment if this is feasible, but I’m curious if one could put some supports attached to the machine and sticking out to slightly support the drag chain?

In large machines I’ve worked on like rollercoaster track switches, there is usually a drag chain and there is a shelf or drag chain raceway for supporting the chain. Not only assembling it right like shown here, but some additional support mechanisms may be appropriate too. What do you think?

Thanks for the bump, was actually about to search to see how to fix this. Yesterdays project came to a slightly smokey halt when the drag chain got stuck on the board and it then went across the center. Been working with 1/4~1/2" stock mostly up until yesterday I used a 3/4" board.

I see a slight difference now, I’d have to go back and look but I don’t think the instructions called out to pay attention to this. With a 50/50 chance I got it wrong. LOL.

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