Drumstick engraving

Would the x-carve be able to engrave drumsticks?

the short answer is yes

it is an interesting idea, but I think with care and mapping the engraving to the surface the X-carve should be more than capable of performing the task given the right software combination

off the top of my head I think that ChiliPeppr has a feature to map the surface of the material and warp the g-code to that surface…

I concur, it should be capable. I’d personally chose V-Carve, I think, for the job. And I would also build myself some tooling, something like a V-block with a toggle clamp lock to hold your drumstick, so you can solidly fixture repeated carves without any chance of losing your orientation. Fortunately, modeling a drumstick is quite trivial and V-carve lets you project your engraving onto a curved surface.

Thanks guys.

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Which will spark a whole new discussion on “dust shoe” design…