Dual carve problem

Currently (as I type this) I’m carving a sign. The rough cut was with a 1/8 bit. The detail bit was 1/16. The cut is going well and tracing the sign text perfectly. However, some small spots are being omitted for in weird spots. Any ideas on why? I’ll attach a pic to show my problem. The e is an obvious problem and the P and the t’s also missed a little section on the detail cut.

You’re loosing steps, Basics of alignements; Pulley set screws - belt tensions - stepper current adjustments - Vwheel adjustments. You can find detailed instructions for each of them if you use search on top right corner. Good luck.

I figured if anyone answered that that’s what they’d say. But it only did it on the e and in a couple spots on a few of the letters. Otherwise, right until the end of the carve, it traces the letters almost perfectly. I don’t think losing steps is the problem. Am I wrong?

It obviously lost a step on the “e”, The rest of the letters can still be fine after it loses a step. There was just some combinations of forces that caused it while cutting that letter. The vwheels may be binding on the rail right at that spot, or the bit hit a denser part of the wood. But whatever caused it, you did miss a step. A little tuning will stop it from happening again.

I was going pretty slow. It was only 25 ipm. And as I said, right until completion the bit traced the design perfectly except for a few spots. I figured it was a problem with easel, but was wondering if anyone else knew anything about it.

I guess that’s what happened. I thought when it missed a step the rest of the design would be offset.

Just having looked at the toolpaths, it doesn’t look right to me. Any thoughts? Several people are talking about losing steps, but that’s always the g

o to answer. I don’t think that was the problem.


The path does look messed up. Try exporting the g-code and looking at it in a g-code viewer.

This looks like a bug with detail cuts. I’ve added it to our internal issue tracker for investigation.