Dual Carve

Has anyone else having less than satisfactory results with the “dual carve” function in X-Carve? I had forgotten why I quit attempting to dual carve over a year ago until I attempted to do another dual carve today. Same poor results!!!

are you using a touch plate ? I remember you having quite a bit of trouble on the carves

Used it a lot and get good results. A Z probe helps out a ton.


Didn’t know I was using raw sewage and stagnate pond water?


I use a touch plate if that is what you are calling a ‘z’ probe?

I am in the process of uploading a short video that shows my issue. Check it out at my you tube channel, The DIY/CNC Woodworker!

Well actually I am using red oak!

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I do it all the time.
I use Charlie’s Triquetra Touch plate and get spot on results.

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I couldn’t find it by “The DIY/CNC Woodworker” but I did find a channel with your name, and I think what describes this issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joOqVvl47WI

I’ve tried it a few times and always ended up cancelling or not starting the second stage because I inevitably end up moving the gantry when changing bits.

Your problems will go away…

based off what I saw in the video, I think you might be onto something. Just an observation of-course (I’m not an expert, though I did sleep in a holiday inn last year sometime). His Z could be spot on, but the X/Y may have gone airy.

It sure would be nice to have a coordinate display so we can get the machine to precisely the same location regardless of what transpires during tool changes.

I carve pine and aspen with two stage with good results. Aspen would be something like swimming in warm raw sewage by Phil’s analogy. Regardless of your material, the key is using Charley’s Triquetra touch plate or another, making sure your bit diameters really match your input size, and having a very level waste board.

Apparently my cnc mill is operating in a different reality as it will update the location if I move the tool manually.

You can have mills and CNCs that update position with a physical movement (i.e. no jogging) but they need encoders in the system. The Xcarve does not have encoders. Encoders can work with steppers or servos.

On an Xcarve, if you physically move the Y axis while powered on, GRBL will have no feedback to know it was moved and by how much it was moved. That’s why you can have lost steps while carving which don’t get corrected and mess up the carve, there is no feedback indicating the step was lost so the system doesn’t correct for it.