Dual display problem with picsender

So I hooked up a separate monitor to make it easier for me to see the controls.
But picsender will simply not move over to the new monitor.
I can get anything else to slide over there but not picsender.
My goal is to keep an eye on the machine while its running and do some other work with Vectric.while its running.
Any help is appreciated.

Hi @JanVanderlinden, have you tried swapping your primary display via display settings? This may not be ideal but it might get you going while someone figures out how to fix it.

This article may help: https://www.google.com/amp/www.pcworld.com/article/2089102/teach-your-laptop-to-treat-a-secondary-monitor-as-the-primary-display.amp.html

I’d also like to see more of that Chevy truck you’re hiding behind those windows. :grin:

Thank you for the complement on “Ruby”
Its a 2014 LTZ that I ordered loaded to my liking.
A very nice ride…

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Beautiful truck! Nice choice. What color is that?

Deep Ruby Metallic
Hence the name…:sunglasses:

I tried to make that switch but then all of the computer controls go with it.
That’s really not the way I was expecting it to work.
In talking with some IT people here at work, they are saying that it appears to be an issue with picsender itself.
I’m hoping John or Jeff will weigh in on this.

There is no issue with PicSender and we already addressed this in your other thread here:


Yes I recall that and just went back to read that thread again.
I thought that by getting a separate monitor, it would resolve the problem.

A separate monitor does resolve the problem if you consider it a problem. Just do your work in the other monitor. It would be easier to click the programs on the task bar to bring them to the front when needed.

Besides, there is only one thing you can watch on the PicSender screen while a gcode is streaming to your X-Carve’s controller and that is the axis moves changing as there being streamed.

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Well yes, that and the percentage of completion.
I guess that I’m simply not explaining myself well enough.
I tried it with UGS and it worked just the way that I want.
I don’t quite understand the laser explanation, (I’m still trying to learn all this) but if that is what it is, then so be it.

Your correct.

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Tested on Windows 7

  1. Select the PicSender window (if another window has focus you need to return focus to the PicSender window)

  2. Press the “windows” key + shift + “right arrow”

The sequence in step 2 moves the window to the next monitor. If you want to move it back then use the sequence in step two replacing “right arrow” with “left arrow”.

This is not sticky, meaning that each time you start PicSender you will have to manually move it to the other monitor.


I cant wait to try that out this evening.
I hope it works on windows 10.
I really don’t want to go back to using UGCS
Thank you very much.

Kinda makes me glad I was unable to upgrade from win 7 due to no dual screen support for the ancient vid card in my shop computer!

Thank you LarryM.,
The machine is currently running with Picsender on the second screen all the while I’m writing this on the laptop screen.
Thank you again for your efforts.

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