Dual Spindle idea

I am wanting to create an adapter plate so that I can mount my DC spindle and the Dewalt 611 to the Z: axis at the same time. I do not want to use them at the same time, but to save the hassle of changing spindles. The Dewalt works great on some projects, but is to fast and powerful for small engraving projects. I wanted to open the idea for discussion for ideas and pros & cons thoughts.

Fitst Question 1 have is, can the Z axis mount support the weight of 2 spindles, and would it increase vibration much being off center?

I feel like the negatives would outweigh the positives on this one. Do you use the dewalt spindle on 1? I’ve never had issues needing a less powerful spindle.


When I use a 1/32" bit, they seem to break so easily, even at the slowest feed speeds. I have better luck with a spindle that I can slow down to lower than the 16K RPM minimum of the dewalt.

You might try the Makita. It is spec’d at 10,000 to 30,000 rpm. On the lowest setting mine runs at 8,600 rpm.

You can use the DeWalt 611 mount with a shim to mount the Makita.

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Isn’t it just two screws on the spindle mount to change it out?
Maybe better screws to make that different

Maybe do quick disconnect on the electrics etc, instead?

I have the old style mounts where you got to remove the v-wheels and the entire assemble. I am thinking of getting the universal mount.

Two spindles means even more weight to move around, which I suspect would create new issues…

Is it really a problem of RPM, or one of runout?
The smaller the bit, the higher RPM you need to achieve a given surface speed. 250SFM is on the low end of many manufacturers’ recommended range for anything softer than steel, and for a 1/32" bit that works out to 30K RPM.
Similarly, when I plug a 1/32" bit into GWizard speeds & feeds calculator, it says to max out the speed of the DeWalt.

Are you using a precision collet on the DeWalt to minimize runout? Offhand I think that would be my primary suspicion.

I am currently working on a two spindle set-up using two separate “X” carriages. On the left side is a Makita 700 with a shimmed DeWalt mount and on the right is the Hitachi MVC12 router with Zenbot mounts with both on Linear rails on the “Z” axis from Cnc4newbie. I’ve just got the motors turning today. I have 170 oz.in. motors and they had absolutely no problem moving everything around. I have about .002" of sag on the X rail(I have the new bigger maker rail.)