Dual Y endstops with XController?

Now that grbl has support for ENABLE_DUAL_AXIS (https://github.com/gnea/grbl/commit/b75e5571eeaeb22a88304716fb1e7411f9c28be0), would it be possible to use two endstops (one on each rail) with the XController?

No. Not that simple.
To use the auto-squaring, the cpu_map is altered so that the Y axis would be controlled by two, indepently acting drivers. You would need a different controller .

I think you’re better off just making the axes square.

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Those solve different problems. Totally agree that you should square up the frame, but having two endstops makes it more convenient to have a home cycle square the gantry to the frame (since you can easily move one side of the gantry and not the other when the power’s off, or a crash could happen). If the required hardware isn’t on the board, though, it’s irrelevant.

I understand the reasoning. I think the common solution is to hold the gantry against the plates or identical spacers when you power up.