Dumb GCode question

Just had a rather lengthy carve stop mid-cut, Arduino was unresponsive. I have to assume I shocked the machine, since it happened when I touched the vac hose.


I am using UGS and gcode produced by VCarve, and so I was able to see the line number in UGS when the machine froze.

I’d like to be able to just open the gcode text file, navigate to that approximate line, back up maybe 30 or 40 lines, and just remove everything from that point upward.

I assume I need to keep a few of the lines at the top that define parameters, but I was wondering about the gcode commands themselves. Is each line relative to the line before, or relative to work zero? I want to make sure I can safely delete the top half of the file (minus whatever top lines I need for declarations) and be able to pick right back up, versus start cutting relative to the current bit location…

Hope the question makes sense! Thanks in advance.

My post processor puts a G90 in the header which puts the machine in absolute travel mode, so moves are relative to the work zero and not relative to the moves prior in the the file.

Makes sense? So if you are cutting in absolute travel mode, you will be fine removing the lines.

Yep, perfect sense, I’ll just need to check the VCarve PP output to make sure it’s G90. Thanks!

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