Dumb question about easel

when looking at the preview panel, I can’t zoom out or pan around, all I can do is tilt and rotate. What am I not doing, tried all combinations of left and right click with alt, ctrl, shift.

Scroll wheel

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scroll does nothing

Hold down the right side on your mouse then use the scroll wheel.

“scroll does nothing”. Is it broke? :wink:

Mine zooms in/out when I hover over the preview and scroll, no buttons required.

@Traxxtar your right you don’t need to right click.

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we are talking about the right detail preview I hope. mine just tilts the preview. scroll works fine on everything else. Any Ideas??

@GeraldHenry What browser?


thanks for your input, tried different browser and now it works fine. Was using Firefox, and went to Edge.

Was using Firefox, then switched to Edge and now working fine. Thanks for your help.

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