Dumb question I think...gonna ask anyways lol

Ok, so I wanted to carve the “V” from the Vikings TV show. I created an .SVG file and loaded it into easel no problem. I got everything set up as far as positioning on my piece etc. I used a 1/4" plunge bit for the rough pass and an 1/8" shaft 60º V bit for detail pass.

All was fine on rough pass. I swap out the 1/4" shaft plunge with the 1/8" shaft 60º V bit and as I’m going through the confirmation process for the carve; when I get to bit confirmation there’s an option to change the bit diameter.

I left it at 1/4" thinking it was referring to bit diameter…not shaft. <— Here’s where I screwed up my piece isn’t it? lol.

At least I’m guessing so as once the carve started, the carving was “off-set” by at least half that (like an 1/8").

And yes, I did use same home spot (0/0) for center of work piece field.

Any help/confirmation of my diagnosis of my screw up is appreciated lol!

Diameter is for cutting diameter. Shank size has no effect.
I suspect you accidently moved the spindle while changing the bit.

Thanks for your reply Mark. So Should I just re-home before I re-probe to be safe? Visually - at least by eye, I appeared to still be at my center on the piece…but I guess it could’ve moved.

I’m still a noob so thanks for your input once again!

Did you you a touch plate to set your x,y,z axes to start with?

Hi Wayne, Yes Sir, I did.

Well i could be wrong but if you used the touch plate first it is putting the center of your bit 1/8" away from center and when you change bits to a smaller shank it would need to be reset for the smaller size. I am not real up on it but i think you would need to rezero it for the bit change. Just my opinion.

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Possibly? When it got done with the rough pass, it went back to original zero start point. I did the probe right on that spot when I changed to v carve bit. I didn,t move the router’s X/Y. I did bump up the Z to do the bit change but that’s it…

Well maybe someone else will speak up. But i think using the touch plate you are referencing off the edge not the center so if you put a smaller diameter bit in you need to rerun it.

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Wayne, I took your advice and re-homed/zero’d back to my center after bit swap-out. I also re-probed since everything is the same depth for this piece and so far, all is working out (hopefully!) at least it appears to be. Thanks for your and every one else’s help!

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Figured I’d show y’all the finished carve…


Looks good i take it that worked?

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Looks good! Re-homing is probably what helped. When I started using my homing plate, I sometimes forgot to use a different bit diameter for V bits, so it would be off.

Also, thought you might appreciate my version of that logo, in 1/8" aluminum.


That is BAD A##! Beautiful!!! Where did you get the file? Your’s definitely has waaay more detail than the file I found and turned into an .svg

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