Duplicate carves?

Is there a way to duplicate a small project to fit on the size of whats left on the board? So many will cut instead of having to recreate it many times?

Do you mean this?.. :slight_smile:

So if I create something in Easel, I click that and it fills in a many as will fit on the dimensions of the board?

0k, why when you make your material 28" long, it doesn’t show on the work area (Left side)? I have the 1000mm xcarve.

I set it there, but the left side don’t show that, work looks like it’s off the material.

Does your work area look like this?

Do you know the width of the “red” bit? Where do I find that info so I can use the bits I bought in the super pack?

Likely 1/8", though you should really either measure the bit or cut a straight line and measure the cut to be exact.