Duplicate Variable Error

Hey guys. I’m running into an error with my gcode that I’ve never had before. For various reasons, I am exporting my gcode from Easel to Carbide Motion. The roughing portion loads fine, but the detail gcode does not. I keep getting the message Error in Line 8366: Duplicate Variable. When it pops up, it does not give me the option to view the gcode, so I’m not sure what the issue is. When I change the detail portion of the carve to a 1/32 bit instead of a 60 degree v-bit, the gcode loads fine. The problem is the carve time is 2 hours for the roughing and over 8 hours for the detail (seems excessive) if I use their recommended settings. It’s a big sign, so I want to cut as much time down as possible. I know literally nothing about gcode (shameful, I know). I need some assistance to figure out how I can solve this quickly. Here’s the file so you can see if you are getting the same error. http://easel.inventables.com/projects/UwNDfZlBMfISkUwJmwn8jQ Thanks for your help!

I don’t do Easel.

If you will export the G-code and upload it here, I’ll take a look at it.

That doesn’t appear to be a grbl error code. Must be something in Carbide Motion.

Can´t help you re the Duplicate Variable but to speed things up (cut carve time with 50%) is to set Depth per pass = total cut depth. Your current settings give you two complete passes (one at 0.05" and 0.06" and then a second covering the last 0.02-0.03". I would expect you could do it all in one 0.08" pass for both Rough/Finish Pass.
Optionally set design carve depth to 0.05" if sufficient.

BTW - the preview of the carve show a path drop?

I have no idea what that path drop below the sign is. That’s probably causing my issue. Do you think .08 depth of cut is too much for a 1/32 bit to handle at one time? It’s select pine that I’m using for this, so it’s fairly soft.

Also, if I change to the 1/32 bit instead of the 60 degree bit, that path below the sign disappears. I am totally confused by that.

Looks like maybe an Easel Vcarving bug…

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That would be disappointing because I am losing one of my free carve days, even if I don’t use the v-bit. I’ve looked at some other files that use the v-bit and I did not have the same issue with loading it to Carbide Motion. It just seems to be this particular file. I did not get to carve anything with my free day since this issue crept up on me, and it seems I will have to use the 1/32 bit which is not the look I was going for.

I’ve heard they are good about crediting free days if problems like these arise.

I hope so. I guess I’ll contact them and find out.

Yeah, might be too much. I was looking at the diameters specified in the file (1/8" + V-bit) and didnt consider your intent to use 1/32"

Hi @HaldorLonningdal, can you send us a link to the project where the toolpaths plunge below the material? Thanks!

@rodovich - dropped you a PM.

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@BrandonTreadway, @HaldorLonningdal This issue has been fixed now.

Thank you


Awesome. I never checked about getting a free carving day credited to my account since I lost one because of this. Is that a possibility? I realize it’s been a while since it happened, so no worries either way.

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Please contact the CS team directly at help@inventables.com and they can help you with that.