Dust collection du jour

I’ve had my xcarve for quite a while, but have had to take care of other priorities before continuing on making things. Here is my take on dust collection.


That looks cool. I think that loc line is designed to work in the other direction though. Air and dust traveling backwards likely has to contend with a lot of seams and ridges. They may end up caking and clogging. Flipped around, the air and dust will have a smoother passage. I bet it works just fine though and would be easy to troubleshoot. Let us know how it works.

Good point! I’ll be curious how it performs over the long-term. I’ll be sure to give an update. Thanks. I added another line so that there is three now.

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When I was looking into using locline several months ago for this purpose, I learned that they make a version of locline for vacuuming. I haven’t purchased any yet, but I do plan on experimenting with some soon. I believe that in the right configuration it would work better than a dust shoe.