Dust Collection Hose

I have a dust collector with a 4" hose, I’m looking for some advice on how to connect this to the 2.5" suckit dust shoe.

I’ve read that the hose should be kept at that diameter for as long as possible. There’ll need to be a fair bit of 2.5" hose as it’ll (probably) go up near the ceiling and come down to the router because the 4" elephant trunk of a hose is not very nimble at all. So…I think… my question is how much 2.5" hose is enough before it starts losing suction?
If there’s a better way to sort it with a dust collector then fire away.

This is my set up.
i made an adapter from a PVC fitting going into the dust collector.
works great.

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That’s a really nice, clean and simple setup you’ve got.

You’ve got quite a bit of 2.5" hose, is the suction still good?

Use this as a guide.

Also avoid sharp angles and bends.

Suction is excellent.

As long as you have a decent dust shoe, most dust collectors are overkill. You don’t need to worry that much about the hose. I have a small dust collector with my machine. I have about 6’ of 2.5" holes and 12’ of 4" that has horrible bends. I even just leave the other Y off the collector open all the time. It still sucks way more than I really need.

Used a 2.5" hose which is about 7m (23ft) long that attaches to the dust collector. Pleasantly surprised how well it works, I presumed suction would be significantly reduced over that distance.
It’s better all round as the dust collector is no where near as noisy as the shop vac.