Dust Collection Maven!

Hello all,

I have always had a thing about dust collection, not the harmful effects of the particulate matter, (yes there are some) but the not having to something more than once. Double handling, muda, mura, muri.

After lots of trying to make a decent dust show, I ended up with Mr Kents fine design and superb quality offering.

So this weekend made a few boxes from walnut.

IMG_9342.HEIC (1.6 MB)

Then I tinkered with Mr Thiens baffle to take the energy out of ‘stuff’ as you vacuum.

IMG_2772.HEIC (1.3 MB)

Lastly, with some hot glue and a few bits from Home Depot, I joined it altogether.

IMG_6682.HEIC (1.5 MB)

The bucket catches 99% of the debris, the shop vac has a light dusting inside. I can still see the blue of the filter after making 6 of those boxes. Note the croc clip to discharge the static ,and from the table as well. Needed both.

And this what it all looks like together, hard to discern from the clutter in my shop.

IMG_1492.HEIC (1.5 MB)

Happy to answer any questions…this was my 2nd prototype.