Dust collection with T-slot

Looking for some help with dust collection system. With the upgraded T-slot waste board I am no longer able to use the stock dust collection. Am I missing something here? I am also accruing something on the main rails which I’m guessing is sawdust being stomped by the guides as they pass. This ends up throwing the machine off and cutting into material. This is cutting deep into machine efficiency at this point. Please help here!!!

Why’s that?

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Because the dust shoe runs into the threaded t-slot bolt and star fastener

Are you not experiencing this issue?

Can you share a pic?

what machine do you have experience with?

Bunches, but not the XCP.
I’d switch my clamps.


I think your clamps are intruding into the carve area…
you could switch clamps to a lower profile, you could source a different dust collection setup, you could use a different sized stock that allows for more space between the edge and the clamps… there are options and everyone’s best solution will vary… I don’t love those T-track style clamps though :person_shrugging: but that’s just a personal opinion…

Thanks for your reply here! Do you have a suggestion for holding down .75" and 1" stock? Preferably something quick release. I am looking to burn through 8" wide timber and get this machine running like the slave it is.

I am more than curious how @inventables releases a hold down system that conflicts with their stock material…

Anyone make a replicable or modular vacuum system for this machine?

Any suggestions for holding down .75 and 1" material?

What I do – ditch clamps. Go to Dollar Tree and buy some double sided mounting tape. I put one every six inches or so, maybe one in the middle – a $1.25 worth of this tape does quite a few projects. The nice thing about this is that it raises your piece off the waist board by 2 or 3 millimeters and if you place them right you don’t need to use tabs if you’re cutting all the way through. Just make sure the surface is clean before you stick them. I also put a thin 1" 3/4" board on the x and y axis so that I can use as a guide to position my piece, then push it down to stick it to the waste board. When I home my machine the bit goes right over the bottom left corner.

I then went to Carbide3D and bought their sweepy dust boot – $25. I have a Makita router and it’s in the Dewalt holder which is larger than the makita router. The Makita is thinner than the Dewalt, but it allows the sweepy dustboot to fit in the xcarve dewalt holder with a makita trim router with some modifications. I also have a 3d printed sleeve for the top part of the makita router. Once it’s together its very secure, the router doesn’t budge. The only problem I have is when I have long bits that extend an inch below the sweepy dust boot. Or if I am cutting all the way through thick wood. For carving signs or routing through 1/2 wood it’s perfect.

Maybe use lower profile strap clamps with button or machine screw heads to reduce height.

I never use clamps. Too much work to accommodate them in your CAM. Always one of the following:

  1. Tek screws or brad nailer if there is waste.
  2. Composite brads when you might now have much material area for fastening might need to run through a fastener in a later op. (Raptor with Omer gun) (RAPTOR® Polymer Composite Brads and Headless Pins)

Either of these are so fast for setup that it makes clamps seem stupid.

  1. CA glue and masking tape for small or no fastener area available. Works really well, just bit of fussing around to get things set up and your spoilboard needs to be adherable for the tape.
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