Dust Collector Choice

I have been waiting on the dust collection system to come back into stock. I have read that the Suckit is just as good. I was looking on their site and I am not sure what/which to buy. Any help would be much appreciated.


I emailed the People at Suckit the same question cause i wasn’t sure this was their response:

"Thank you so much for your interest and in reaching out!
You can use the original, MZD and the MZD Bit Changing - all with work with your machine without any issues.

However, if you think you would be upgrading your Z in the near future, then I would recommend going with this version. It will work with both the stock and the upgraded Z. As for the differences between the shoes -

The Original - is just that! The original dust boot allows you to use your CNC machine without the dust. The brush helps to contain and create a tight seal allowing your vacuum to clean up debris.

The MZD - this model has a hole cut out that will allow for “Maximum Z Depth” cuts. It comes with a 2mm acrylic shield to cover the large hole to prevent suction loss. The MZD Bit Changing - This is the same shoe as the MZD with a narrow channel in the top of the shoe, allowing users to pull the dust shoe off without having to raise the Z. "

from what I see on the site the suck-it brand is the boot and mount for the Z axis. the X-Carve comes with the boom and brackets.

Just something to keep in mind of you want the boom and stuff to have hose control management and grounding strap etc. etc.

Kenneth, is there a reason why I would consider upgrading my Z?

If time = money then a upgrade will make sense.
Upgraded Z = stiffer vertical axis = one can run faster & deeper per pass.