Dust control for rotary axis / 3d carving

Hey guys

SO I christened my rotary axis today, and now I have a tactical question I am scratching me head over.
How do I control dust on this thing?

you can see a video of what I am doing here:

because what I am doing is very much not flat,
It’s not clear to me that the dust shoes people normally upgrade with would be appropriate.

The dust is killing me.
Any idea how to control it in a way that makes sense?

Is there a way for you to mount the hose right by the bit? No dust boot, just the hose. That may help a bit.

I put a 4 inch hose from the dust collector in front of and centered on the piece being cut. It doesn’t get it all, but it gets a lot of the chips. If you come up with something better that would be nice…lol

Look at YouTube videos on woodturning and you will see many different designs using different types of hoods to capture the dust. There are some great ideas there

OK, try #1 then: The surplus TJMaxx bag special

Take a shop vac vacuum head,
duct tape it to the bottom of a TJ Maxx bag.
Cut out the bottom so the vacuum can suck up whatever is in the bottom of the bag.
Hang it under the rotary axis.

probably need to occasionally kick the bag.

we’ll see if it helps at all.

Looks like a place for aluminum ducting on the bottom.

Acrylic walls on the front for viewing? wood on the back.

Since you’re not doing Y travel, should be able to come in towards spindle on the top too.