Dust control hack

I recently purchased the Inventables dust control system (and love it)and after installing it found that however way I placed the hose it was pushing or pulling the shoe and was affecting the cut. I happened to have a RIDGID
1-7/8 in. x 7 ft. Tug-A-Long Vacuum Hose for RIDGID Wet Dry Vacs its very flexible (almost soft) and didnt pull or push on the shoe made a huge difference.
Just passing this along for what its worth…

I may also recommend the dust hose from rockler. I use it for my random orbit sander and miter saw as well. Very flexible and doesn’t move the dust shoe.

Are those hoses conductive?
The one from the dust collection kit is conductive.

seems a bit odd that it would impact the cut.
i have the hose and at worst I can imagine it deflecting the shoe around a bit

it is one stiff hose i give you that. at least you got it sorted.

Mine seems to be I just connected the ground to it and no issues

I think it would depend on the size of the xcarve seems the 500x500 that I have I couldnt seem to average the amount of positive or negative pressure that was being put on the front of the shoe. I could see it in the carve when I was using a .25 mill end it would cut slightly on the edge closest to me and if I held the hose and took the pressure off it would go away.

I would double check with the manufacturer of the hose. If it’s not conductive the ground strap won’t help.
It could seriously hurt you or mess up the electronics in your xcarve.
I know someone that lost 3 routers before he figured it out.

that’s what I was getting at
something underlying (loose v wheels) would compound and impact the cut.

it’s just dead weight from above otherwise (more/less)

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