Dust Extraction Ideas

Morning All,

I after some help/advice.

I have a 1000mm X-Carve & am using a borrowed Mirka 1230L dust extractor from work (which will needs to be given back soon)

What extraction unit are people using? I’m not doing large carves but enough to need one. What I’m looking for in one is:

Compact in size
Something that’s not going to break the bank
Fairly quite (machine is in a small garage)

Any/all help/advice appreciated.


The dust system from here is really good. I hooked it up to a dust machine from harbor fright.

Thanks LuisEspinosa.

I already have the dust boot & hose already connected, it’s the actual dust extraction machine I need.

I use a Harbor Freight dust collection system and sometimes a Rigid shop vacuum but have researched small shop vacuums and the Fein seem to be the quietest one. @SteveMoloney uses a Fein and you can scroll down on this thread and see his response

This is my setup works well, and is very quite for a shop vac

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