Dust Extraction

There is a dust extractor made for the DeWalt 611. I was wondering if anyone has tried it with the X Carve. http://www.amazon.com/DEWALT-DNP615-Compact-Collection-Adapter/dp/B004AJEUKS

It attaches to the base of the router, which you don’t use with the x-carve (you have to remove the base to put the router in the mount).
So, it won’t work.


There’s also another version of this that’s for plunge routers, might work better out of the box.

They make another version for fixed base.

Im pretty sure no one tought of this as a drop in solution, more of a starting point and machining the part that attaches to the carriage or the router.

I have looked at those in the past, definitely not a turnkey solution. It would be interesting if someone could design something to attach them to the machine.