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Now that my XCP has been delivered and I begin the setup I need to make a decision on a dust extractor. I looked through previous threads and since there wasn’t anything recent I thought I would post again. Looking for recommendations as all the major tool brands have their own. This will be just for the XCP. Thanks all, look forward to many more discussions on here.

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I just use a shop vac for mine. A small Rigid from Home Depot.

I have a different 4ftx4ft machine (not XCP) and i use a 2hp dust collector from harbor freight, i actually got it used for $50 because it was missing parts, used the CNC to make my own thein baffle (more simple than a cone cyclone) it drops into a 20 gallon metal trash can (thinking of upping to 30 gal for less emptying) and it’s very effective. I ran the 4" hose all the way to the CNC with a zipline across the ceiling above the cnc with a few bungee cords for added maneuverability into all corners with ease. I had to make my own dust boot (multi piece magnetic type) but I had a cnc to cut that too :slight_smile:

If you are just using it for the XCP and not fifteen things at once, this type should suit your needs as well. You can hang it on the wall out of the way with piping run to the X-Carve (remember you need static buildup prevention if using plastic piping). I would also get a cyclone separator to install just prior to the blower that way most material will be dropped in the container that the separator is attached to.


Brandon Parker

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just to share more on my setup, I used a 10ft 4" foil ducting from the dryer and bathroom ventilation section of HD as my last hose and grounded that,… no static… it’s lasted nearly 18 months and only now is developing tiny holes probably from larger chips smashing into the walls. Not a bad lifespan for a $7 hose that totally removed the static concern :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I don’t have a pro but this setup works very well and is very quite compared to a standard shop vac

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I just noticed that a 2.5 inch hose from a shop vac fits right over the XCP dust collector. Will load pictures later.

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